Anyone know of a way to re-create a clipping mask in Aseprite?

I’m currently making a tileset for the flooring of a game, and I come from a CLIPSTUDIO/Photoshop background so I’m quite used to using clipping masks for drawing on layers while preserving the original shape of the layer underneath it.

Currently, I have a layout done in a black layer for the actual ground path, but I need to take my already made dirt tiles and clip them down to the black layer.

I couldn’t find it while searching online and ripping my eyeballs out looking through documentation, so I was wondering if there is a similar tool to the one in Photoshop for clipping masks? It would make my workflow 500000% faster if anyone could point me in the right direction :')

Hi @fawndering, currently Aseprite doesn’t have mask layers, but you might find useful the “Lock Alpha” ink:


In this way you can paint but only on non-transparent pixels.

That’s unfortunate, but thank you for the reply! Hoping there’s the possibility of mask layers being added in the future, since my normal workflow outside of this program involves using a fair amount of mask layers before reducing everything down.

Lock Alpha is just what we’ve had to use since we couldn’t find anything else yet :slight_smile: