Arbitrary pixel depth

I would really really really really love it, if you were allowed to freeze bit depth in the colour selection and palette parts of aseprite, so you could make a 256-color palette from a “master palette” of 18-bit colours (superVGA dac), or make a 64-bit palette from a 9-bit master palette (sega genesis), you know? It’d make some things a lot easier. This way you could create a palette without having to do the math each time you pick or change a colour.

Alternatively, can scripts run in real-time? Like, could I change the function of aseprite myself, somehow…?

I don’t think you can run scripts in real-time or in response to events yet, but I could be wrong.

You could write a script that checks your current active colours and sets them to the nearest N-bit colour equivalent and hotkey that. Then, as long as you remember to press that hotkey whenever you change colours, you won’t have to do the math manually. Not as good as a script that auto-runs on colour change, but it’s something.

The colours are app.fgColor and app.bgColor, the script would just need to look at their r, g, and b values (e.g. app.fgColor.r) and nudge them accordingly. When Aseprite gets event support, you’d just need to tweak the script to run in response to an active color changed event.

Yeah, that seems like the most likely option for now.