Are there guidelines or a snapping feature for centering the selection?

Similar to how Photoshop has those red lines that appear when you’re dragging something to the center of the screen.

Is that in Aseprite currently?


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Id love to have rulers and guides too…

for what do you need guides in such low resolutions? the guides would be very janky since they cant be more than a pixel wide

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It’s not always the case that you work in 32x32 grids Ethan. I work in very big canvases for instance, and for precision it’s important to use rulers. That’s a very important feature in Photoshop that could be nice if was implemented in Aseprite.

For precision you can look at cursor coordinates in the status line. Yes, I know, those numbers :slight_smile:

yeah but in saying that the guides would be more could be more than a pixel wide, which im big canvvas such as 1024x1024 would not be easy to see, due to the way its done, considering that im imagining grid lines like the symettry, they are between pixels in the grid and on the center.
it would be easier to do your guidelines in a separete layer and them just lower the opacity
but you do you