Aseprite 1.3-beta-7 (Steam) has weird graphical errors on Windows 11

Ever since I updated my computer to Windows 11, I’ve noticed very weird and interesting bugs to do with the window rendering. I assume this is due to the new ‘Rounded Corners’ post processing they do on most windows. These do not occur if you turn off the ‘UI with multiple windows button’. I also assume that this bug is no different with the itch version.

One of the thing I have noticed is that the drop-down menus are shifted slightly to the left, and when you first click on the menu, the first one you open has rounded corners applied to it erroneously.

Another thing I noticed was that the properties menu, and other menus like it, could be snapped to the sides of the screen, (something which did not happen in Windows 10) and when it was full screen it would not fully hit the sides of the screen (full screened by dragging to the top of the screen.) (I can’t post another image since I am a new user, so I will post the image below)

Those are the two bugs I have noticed at the moment, and I will edit / create another post to update this topic if I find any more.

Here is the second image: