Aseprite 1.3 platforms

I only wanted to ask @dacap if anything changed during those years and if there is more information about mobile versions of app? Huge 1.3. version is comming to us with (i hope) big steps, could this possibly be update during which ios and android version will be launched?

No, the developers recently commented that it would be at least a few years before any mobile versions come out. I don’t think development of mobile versions is even started yet.

Oh that’s understandable :frowning:

Hi there :wave: At the moment we have only the graphics part of iOS version working. The hard part is to design the UX to be usable on mobile devices. For that we need to complete #518 which is planned for v1.3, and then redesign the UI (including several parts that use keyboard modifiers + right-click to do special actions).

I think most users are expecting an usable version of Aseprite on mobile, and the desktop version would be completely useless in a tablet right now. So we have to add some on-screen elements to achieve this. We hope to make some progress this year.

Latest versions we were focused to fix existent bugs in the desktop version (tilemap related, or Linux related issues). Future v1.3 versions will contain new features.

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Forgot to mention that including Sentry to report crashes, and creating an universal binary for new Mac M1 (with cross-compiling) drained a lot of my time (a lot of modifications in the internal toolchain to make distributions).

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