Aseprite and drawing tablet

I am thinking about getting my first drawing tablet how is Aseprite compatible with drawing tablets in general? The tablet would be for 99% from Wacom which usually work with almost anything but I want to be sure.

Aseprite should work fine with a Wacom stylus (e.g. Intuos). I’ve never had the chance to use a Cintiq, but it should work. Anyway there is no pressure sensitivity support at the moment. Please post again in case that the tablet doesn’t work.

Anyway I’ve to dedicate some time to provide more customization (buttons at the side to call customized commands, etc.).

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Thank you that’s what I needed :slight_smile:

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@dexxter24 did you end up getting a tablet? if yes - which one and how is it?

@dexxter24 If you’re interested in someone who’s used their tablet while running Aseprite: I have an Intuos from a few years ago and so far it works really well for long sweeping strokes and shading. I do find myself moving back to a mouse or my trackpad when I need to make a lot of specific pixel placements… but the tablet works just fine, either way. I’m assuming as the program continues to evolve and the interface gets a little smoother and even more intuitive than it is now, I won’t feel the need to switch. YMMV.


Be sure, I’m working in Aseprite with Huion, and everything is fine.

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I’ve been using my Intuos Pro for ages now, had some trouble with it for some unknown reason some time ago, but David worked around it pretty fast and resolved it within the day.


I’m happy to confirm that it works great on my Cintiq.

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Yeah, works well for sketching/big picture stuff.
I use the “Wacom Tablet Properties” to map some basic stuff to the function buttons on the tablet. Stuff like pan, brush size, undo etc.

I decided to go for Wacom Intuos Draw Pen S but I don’t have it yet. Can’t wait though :slight_smile:

I use a intuos 5 in aseprite and get decent results but definitely would like pressure sensitivity for when I have to draw larger things (200x200 is a common size). Sometimes I temporarily paste an item into clip studio paint to add details that benefit from pressure support, but that program doesn’t like being pasted into! And of course something with multiple layers is tricky to do that with anyway. Aseprite’s animation interface is vastly superior to clip stupido’s, in any event.

Working on an Intuos 5

Im using my HUION gt 190, not a bad product for pixel art.

double confirming that it works well with a Wacom Cintiq