Aseprite and Surface Tablet, good way to go?

Despite some changelog entries back in 2017, I found no information in the net about how well or how bad Aseprite works in combination with a Microsoft Surface Tablet (Windows 10 non S mode) and a stylus. (Planning to buy one atm)

I understand that Aseprite does not support any pen pressure levels, but Iike to know: Are there any delays or lags on these devices in Aseprite? How well does it work with a stylus? Any limitations that I should aware of?

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Aseprite actually does support pen pressure, as of 1.2.18 I believe. Brush size, angle, and colour (gradient between the FG and BG colours) can be controlled with pressure and/or velocity:

I have not tried it with the Surface or any other screen tablet, but with my regular Wacom tablet, there are no delays or any other weirdness. If the Surface doesn’t lag compared to other tablets in general, I don’t see why there should be any issues with Aseprite. At worst, you may need to change some settings to change how Aseprite processes tablet data.