Aseprite Art I've Done!

So I use Aseprite every day and I fell so much in love with it that I’ve started opening up commissions for the program and I’m really happy to share some of my latest stuff or most proud stuff I’ve done. I know that they don’t all necessarily follow all the “pixel art rules” but heck, they make me happy!

A little icon I made of my fursona for DeviantArt and Furaffinity.

A contest entry I made, I didn’t win but man, it was amazing to do.

Another entry.

The first “lineless” piece I did. I was and still am pretty proud of it.

Annnnd art in trade with a friend.

These are just a few but I really love all I can do with Aseprite. I love learning and growing and witnessing my growth with it c:

I’ll try to update this post with more stuff I do that I’m proud of.


I just love it :blush:

Ahhh thank you so much! It’s honestly one of the only icons I’ve done I’m super proud of. I can’t wait to get better though!

Some little pieces I did for a site called “Art Fight” it’s great practice!


Trying to learn (or rather, teach myself) to do sprites!

Plus I made a new DA icon which I love!


And here’s one more I just finished


They look really awesome!

Very very good! Nice work!