Aseprite asking for accessibility permissions on macOS

Hey there!

I’ve recently started playing around in Aseprite. During one of the first sessions Aseprite has requested accessibility permissions on my mac - the “App would like to control this computer” popup.

I found this unusual and I couldn’t find any info online on what feature requires those permissions, so I thought I’d try to satisfy my curiosity by asking here.

Is that expected? Does anyone know what feature it relates to?

Aseprite v1.3.6 from Steam
macOS 14.4.1 (Sonoma)

Hi @pat.m.crow, I don’t have a macOS running right now, but I cannot remember if it’s related to the Auto-scroll on editor edges option in the editor preferences (where Aseprite tries to keep the mouse position inside the editor), or if it’s related to the eyedropper trying to pick colors outside the main window (I think this one needs other privilige, like “capturing the screen”).

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