Aseprite can export 100000*100000 px?

PC ram 16 gb can’t do it
PC ram 32 gb can i do that?

P.S. If you can, please take a look at the sample file.

Thank you very much

hi there. there’s no sample file.
i’m not sure about 32gb, but on my 64gb system it is somewhat possible - of course, the image is “only” 10k*10k scaled up on max (1000%) and there’s only one diagonal line in single colour. even then it took several minutes to export and i can’t even open it in xnview, as there’s “not enough memory”. also description in file manager claims it’s only 65535x65535. so… well, maybe it isn’t possible after all.
now the obvious question here is: why would you need image in such ridiculous size?

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Now I can export 50000*50000 only.
Can’t be more than this
I will sell the picture
Thank you very much