Aseprite Command Line "--all-layers" not working for hiden layers in groups

OS: Window 10 x64
Aseprite version: v1.2.34.1 (steam)

When exporting with the “–all-layers” option, it ignores layers that are hidden within a group. It should export all layers and subfolders regardless if hidden or not.

  • The issue happens when batch exporting images using the command “–save-as” with “–all-layers” option.
  • The issue happens when subfolders within subfolders are hidden or have hidden layers
  • The issue happens when the Aseprite file has more than one column and exports each column to a different image (image1.png, image2.png,…)


I use the command:
Aseprite.exe -b file.ase --all-layers --ignore-empty --layer “_grab_armsback_demoness” --save-as “file_grab_armsback_demoness.png”

The exported image includes only “grab_armsback_demoness_bodyonly” and “shadow2”. Layer “dearmdown” is ignored.

If I make “dearmdown” visible, then everything is exported properly.