Aseprite compile error

Hi, today I was trying to compile aseprite. But, I came into many errors, like : -bash: /home/midhil/deps/depot_tools/ninja: No such file or directory etc… So, I tried to do it again and renamed the old files as ‘asepite2’ and ‘deps2’ . The problem is that when I do that it does not make a new ‘deps’ folder. So, how can I make a clean new compile, reinstall all the dependecies. I am was also having trouble with skia when following this tutorial : How to build Aseprite from source in Ubuntu | Alex Gonzalez I thought that it might be an old tutorial, but it was made in jan 2020. So, I tried to follow the tutorial on the install doc in the repo and I am still having problems. A detailed guide would be really helpful too. Thanks

Can I do it by deleting the aseprite file? But, it might not work Any help would be helpful