Aseprite crashes / misbehaves when clicking on scroll bar

v1.3-beta6-x64, win10

to select gradients you have to click on an arrow (not an image or name of gradient) to be able to open menu.

when you are about to set pattern in brush settings menu (pressure / velocity), clicking on scrollbar shuts down aseprite completely.

when you do the same for gradient tool, the menu only closes (so it doesn’t work, but aseprite doesn’t crash).

Hi @Olga_Galvanova, just in case, do you have a crash .dmp file about this?

hi, i just noticed that when i re-open aseprite after this crash, there is no flag. however, i located the file and sent it by email.

edit: aaand i just realized that i probably sent wrong .dmp file :E i got confused as it was created at the correct time. the only aseprite-crash.dmp i have is few months old from version 1.2.27 and nothing else. sorry about that.

@Olga_Galvanova we’ve just fixed the crash related to this and the fix will be released in v1.3-beta7, thanks for the dmp file!

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