Aseprite Crashes When Opening Palette Presets

I’ve run into a consistent issue today where Aseprite will immediately crash after clicking the palette presets button. The search window briefly appears without any of the palettes and then the program closes. This is an issue for both new and existing projects.

I’m running the latest version (v1.2.31) through Steam. Reinstalling and restart wasn’t able to fix this. I’m also encountering this issue on my secondary machine. Both of these computers are running windows 10.

I also seem to experience it. In the mean time you can try this work-around: download your required palettes as PNGs files, open them in Aseprite, go to the Options button (at the right side of “Presets”) and select “New Palette from Sprite”, press ok and it should let you load your palette and work with it. It’s not the best solution, but it’s a possible work-around for the time being.

I also have this crash, only with the newest beta update. Wasn’t happening before this last update

I am also experiencing the same issue which just started today. I also have the program downloaded through Steam.

We’ve just released a fix for this (v1.2.34.1 and v1.3-beta13). If you are on Steam you can re-start Steam to get the new update.