Aseprite crashing on transforming large circles

by using select->modify->contract tool on a circle with a diameter of 2560 pixels, and using any number of pixels seemingly above 8 or so as the amount to contract by, Aseprite seems to hang indefinitely. With numbers at or below 8 it takes a very, very long time and appears to hang at first as well.

Version is 1.2.40 but it happened in prior versions as well. I’m on windows 10.

Hi @Ramona_Sagan, I’ll check this one. First of all we think that Select > Modify commands will need some kind of progress bar just in case (at least to cancel the command instead of hanging the program).

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I later managed to get it to load with larger contract sizes, it just took a really, really long time. a progress bar with a cancel button would definitely help a lot tho.

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