Aseprite DARK/LIGHT UI for Minecraft!

Your favorite Pixel Art tool Aseprite invades Minecraft!

Enjoy a new set of customized UI elements for Minecraft with the Aseprite DARK/LIGHT Resource Packs by ChimeraDev.

What does this pack add?

The Aseprite DARK/LIGHT Resource Pack adds a dark/light theme based on Aseprite v1.3, that affects all of the menus in the game including the buttons etc. (Except narrator pop-up and Player Report for clarity)

Most of the menus are made referencing different Aseprite features like the Timeline, canvas change, and Export Window, to name a few!

Get the Dark Version: Aseprite Dark - Minecraft Resource Pack
Get the Light Version: Aseprite Light - Minecraft Resource Pack

This Resourcepack was made by ChimeraDev, and it’s not affiliated with Aseprite or Igara Studio S.A.; Aseprite is a tool created by Igara Studio S.A; All of the art has been made exclusively using Aseprite 1.3+ (Steam)
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