Aseprite draw multiple sprites in certain positions

I have a sprite which is a background tile(32x20). I am trying to repeat the tiles for my background(1024x600) without doing it manually. Thanks!

im not quite sure what you mean but you can link cel frames so you dont have to draw the background again

You may be better off using a tile map, which I’m not sure aseprite supports yet. That way you can keep the tile as a single 32x32 but then project that multiple times on the screen.

What is it that you’re making? If it’s a background that doesn’t move, then you can use the select tool to highlight the tile and then duplicate it where ever you need it. But that sounds like the method you’re trying to avoid which makes me wonder if this isn’t just one static image you’re making.

If it’s an animation with a scrolling background you may be better off downloading software that supports tile maps (Pyxel Edit is the one I’d use), or if it’s for a game there are engines that have built in tile map tools (Godot is great for that) so all you’d need to do is import the single tile.

If you’re using v1.3 to above:
1.- In the sprite you’re working, go to View > Grid > Grid Settings, and change the value of the grid to the size of that sprite (in this case 32x30). Make sure that the sprite is alligned with the grid that should show up once you change the value!
2.- Right click on the layer where that sprite is, and select Convert to… > Tilemap
3.- Select the tile in the left side of the screen and select the bucket fill tool
4.- Click in any part of the canvas, now that tile should be filling all the screen

If you aren’t using v1.3:
1.- Select the sprite with any selection tool
2.- Press Ctrl + B. Now that sprite should be a brush
3.- By default it should be marked as “Pattern Alligned to Source” in the dropdown menu at the top, if it isn’t, make sure that it’s marked as that
4.- Select the bucket fill tool
5.- Click in any part of the canvas, now that sprite should be filling up all the screen

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Make it a brush (ctrl + b) and have at it

thx to all for the help!