Aseprite extension for import, export and layer manipulation

I made an extension to help me with my workflow when using Aseprite, I wanted to share it with the community.
The scripts present have extended features and settings to suit my needs, but I suspect other people might find it useful as well.
To summarize:

  • You can mass-import images and configure the handling of these
  • You can rename & sort your layers present on your sprite
  • You can export your sprite to spine data (with a bunch of configurations)

If you want to try it come check out the repository, it’s fully documented: GitHub - RampantDespair/Aseprite-Extension: An Aseprite extension that lets you import, export and manipulate layers
If you like it or use it, leave a star if you want.

I’m open to suggestions for adding new stuff or modifying anything. :slight_smile:

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