Aseprite F11 full screen weird pixels ratio

The pixels get weird scales when zooming while on F11 full screen
More evident while having show-Grid active

What version of Aseprite do you use? What OS?

Aseprite v1.2.29 x64
Windows 10
1920x1080 screen resolution
It looks like weird pixel ratio isn´t a problem only for F11 as I am having that issue even without F11
ALTHOUGH, I am suspecting that the weird pixel ratio is actually the pixel Grid feature, as only the borders has this inconvenient
Here is what happens while pixel grid is active:

No active:

All of those pixels look 4x4 to me. I guess you’re talking about the fact that the blue grid lines are overlapping which causes the border to look like it’s thinner than it should be. The blue lines draw in the top and left screen-pixels of the zoomed art-pixels, so your left border is going to have it overlapping while your bottom border will not because it is drawn in the next row of art-pixels.