Aseprite for rough animation?

Hey Aseprite friends,

I am very new to Aseprite. I got introduced to it by my job as an animator for WayForward. I instantly bonded with it. I love how simple it is to use and I’ve yet to have it crash on me. You people who have designed this are Ases (Aces) in my book. I loved it so much that I gladly purchased it for myself, even though I already had free access to it through my work. $20? - What an incredibly generous price!
This is a little animation I call “Bear Prayer.” He is saying a prayer for us humans, living in a world torn apart by Hatred towards ourselves and others and Denial of God and the beautiful child within us.


We here all know, nothing can keep someone with a true passion for art down. My greatest heros are the millions, perhaps billions of the unsung. The artists that keep fighting every single day for the people they love and the beautiful dreams they believe in, despite the afflictions of poverty, human depravity, injustice, and intellectualism.

I believe that it’s utter folly to follow Intellectualism. What purpose would there be in becoming the smartest man in the world if you had no heart to love and help your brothers and sisters?

This is me: Wyatt S. Miles - 3D Animator/2D Animator - WayForward Technologies | LinkedIn


Awesome animation. I would love to see it in color!

Thank you very much Phantom. I was a little bit curious about you. I can see by your many constructive posts in the forums that you are a very kind and generous soul. I don’t know how to find and look at your animations. I would love to see some of your work, if you wouldn’t mind helping direct me. - Cheers!

I haven’t shared much of my pixel art, but you can find me on Twitter at @PhantomC027 If you have anything specific you would like to see I could share it, such as having an entire folder of art revision/advice Asesprite images. One of my more recent animations was an animation I did to show someone my quickly animated picture of Pikachu.
Pikachu 2 v2 anim larger