Aseprite got back to vanilla version


I spent a lot of time on changing theme and configuring all the key shortcuts to be convenient for me and got used to using Aseprite in that way, but today I opened Aseprite and everything got back to a vanilla version… I am using Aseprite on Steam and I wasn’t asking about any updates and I don’t want to spent my time configuring it again nor it to happen anytime in the future - is there a solution for this? Could configruation be saved somewhere in a file?

I don’t have the Steam version but the config files are normally stored in %appdata%/Aseprite/ (Windows path) in a .ini file, custom shortcuts seem to be saved in a user.aseprite-keys file. This stuff shouldn’t be cloud-saved so they’re only available on that client PC (unless you manually copy them to another computer).

Are you using the same Windows user? Did you try the demo version?