Aseprite icon (for .ase files) is a bunny now


After upgrading to Aseprite v1.2.10-beta4-x64 (using Steam), the icon for .ase or .aseprite files is now the one for aseprite-extensions (the bunny one).


I don’t really care, because it’s a cute icon too, but I thought I should report it anyway XD

I’m using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits.

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Known issue. The association between a file and <-> a icon inside an .exe is terrible messy. It should be fixed for v1.2.10.

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The main issue here is that the old installer (1.2.9) set an invalid icon number resource (‘2’) instead of the real resource number (‘1’), so when the new version with the bunny icon in resource ‘2’ came out, the Explorer.exe process was taking this value ‘2’ (instead of the new installed value ‘1’ which is already fixed in the 1.2.10-beta4 installation).

So I’m not 100% sure, but I think that this should be fixed automatically after restarting Windows or the Explorer.exe process.

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