Aseprite is a pixel art program. Make it free!

There are millions of people who want to do things with pixel art! Can they make it free?

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Aseprite is already open-source and free to compile yourself. Payment is just for the convenience of an easy installer, and the fuzzy feeling of supporting the program’s development.

For users who don’t want the hassle of compiling but also can’t afford $20, there are already free alternatives to Aseprite, including LibreSprite, a fork of an earlier version of Aseprite which has the same great animation UI.


LibreSprite is not on Mac! And the text tool!

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So you want the better tool but reject the fact that it is better in part because people have supported the development. Try to understand how short-sighted that is. Try to respect that someone is dedicating themselves to creating software that you really want, and that they deserve to ask for your support in return.


Hi there, it was discussed before in Why not make Aseprite free if the source code is already out for free? - #5 by dacap and there are no plans to change the license or business model while we are living from this.


I’m talking the saving. Yeah. Saving the files.

The price for Aseprite is extremely low compared to other software. It is a one time-payment, too.
Developers deserve to earn money for their creations, specially with a tool as amazing as this one.