Aseprite is broken and I can't fix it

I opened the color palette and dragged it all the way across my screen and now I can’t get it to go back. The color palette is the only thing I see and I can’t get it to shrink down enough for me to see the canvas underneath. I tried deleting the .ini file, and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The <-> icon that appears instead of the mouse icon does not show up when I try and resize the palette window. nothing worked please help.

hi, Justice_Nichols! that’s weird, closing aseprite and deleting aseprite.ini should resolve this issue. i just tested it and it worked.
i’d also guess that reinstalling aseprite didn’t help because the settings are still stored in your system. maybe try to uninstall aseprite, remove the whole folder with settings, so there’s nothing left and install it again.
just for the record: i use standalone version and i don’t know if steam keeps app settings stored elsewhere.