Aseprite keeps crashing

I honestly have no idea what’s going on. It doesn’t seem correlated to anything I’m doing in particular (blending, drawing, erasing, etc). Sometimes it saves my data, sometimes it doesn’t. Even though I have it supposed to be autosaving every two minutes, the last recovery file this time is from 2 hours ago. I know I should be saving more often than that–my fault–but I don’t understand why it crashed.

Sometimes it’ll crash several times in an hour, other times I can go a couple hours without issues.

I’m on Windows 10, using a wacom tablet. My preferences are set to use the pointer API. Using Aseprite v1.2.40.

Hi @Elli, are you sharing crash reports with us? Could you please share with us ( naming this post) your aseprite.ini file? You can find it here: Aseprite - Docs - Preferences-folder

I had downloaded through humblebumble, so I grabbed the steam key, activated, and downloaded the newest version. I haven’t had a crash since, fingers crossed!