Aseprite Mobile Version?


Hey @dacap,

I know that a mobile version was never promissed, but do you think that we can hope for a port in the future?

I’m asking this because ever since we started our company, we’ve been using IPad Pro as a valuable work asset, using Procreate has been a part of our workflow, and it works greatly. And after using Pixaki, the main pixelart development app (I guess), it does not deliver an experience even close to Aseprite, as it is my main reference for pixel art work.

As I’m not a coder myself and don’t understand how Aseprite was made, I can only hope there will be a mobile version anytime soon.

So the question is: Can we expect a mobile version in the future?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve done some something for a mobile version, but it needs a lot of work yet. Anyway it would probably be a different kind of creature (Aseprite, as it is, isn’t suitable for touch interfaces :sob:)


Yeah, I think you’d have to have more fine-grained control over what touch does.

For example, default to a move/resize action on touch before allowing the user to switch to a pen/spray/fill/etc. tool.


Yeah a mobile version would be super cool, I’m in a similar position using pixaki on the go but missing a lot of the Asesprite functionality. Understand it’s a big ask though