Aseprite moves my cursor to the edge of the right side of the screen


I’m a long time Aseprite user and I’ve had a problem with using this program for a significant amount of time. I have a regular monitor (my primary monitor) and a Ugee 2150 drawing screen (my secondary monitor) to draw on. There is always about a 1/2 chance that I will run into an issue with Aseprite placing my cursor on the far right side of the screen whenever I attempt to draw on it with my pen. I have tried switching my settings to have my drawing screen as a Primary Monitor and my regular monitor as a secondary but it hasn’t worked. I have re-installed Aseprite but that does not work either, this issue only appears on Aseprite and does not occur on Manga Studio, PaintTool SAI, Sketchbook, Krita or even Photoshop, everything runs fine with those programs but Aseprite is my main go-to piece of software as I mostly do Pixelart. Any suggestions or ideas on why this happens?