Aseprite Scripts Collection

I’ll add some links for more scripts (you can add them in the original post with more info + author):


I should probably update my github repo since the stuff on the wiki and release is pretty outdated.


I’ve just edited the first post, thank you very much for the links Dacap! :smiley:
That would be great Haloflooder, please do it when you can, thanks! :smiley:

Maybe somebody here knows the guy that did this script? It looks great, I hope he releases it sometime! :slight_smile:


Made a little script for listing all slices and removing them, since I had some trouble with corrupt slice data.


Thanks! added to the 1st post ^^

I made a screen color picker for windows

need .Net 4.6.1+
Escape to exit, mouse click to pick color

  1. pick screen color and change background color
  2. pick screen color and change foreground color
  3. pick screen color and add it to palette tail

    dowload here:
    Aseprite-Sprite-Win-ColorPicker 发行版 -
    project here:

Thanks, I have added it to the first post! :smiley:

A question, why is .Net 4.6.1 needed? Also, could you please explain us a little bit more what the script does?

ok, the script start a new .NET program, which to capture screen to select the pixel, and it will output the result as string to stdio, so aseprite can get the color.

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Adding this cool script I just found to 1st post!


From the Discord server, there is a script to export to PSD:


That’s great news! I’ll try it right now, thank you! :smiley:

Also, I’ve just updated the 1st post! ^^

I’ve just tried the script but it seems that it doesn’t work 100% correctly. I made a simple sprite with just one layer and one frame, saved it, and the exported it to psd.

After that I tried to open the psd file with other programs, but I got these errors using Photoshop and Gimp

I could open the psd file using Krita, but the image was pretty broken.

In case somebody already got the script to work correctly, could you please help? :slight_smile:

Edit 2:
It seems that the 2nd version of the script works just fine. I’ve updated the 1st post to include a link to that version of the file.

I think in that case it would be better to report the bug in the repository issues: Issues · Tsukina-7mochi/aseprite-scripts · GitHub


Thanks I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Hi there! I made my own little repo with one script (so far) that lets you export all tags as individual gifs: GitHub - ThunderFD/Thunders-Aseprite-Scripts: Scripts that I've written to help me automate repetitive tasks in Aseprite.


Hi @ThunderFD! Thank you very much for your script and welcome to Aseprite community! :smiley:

(I’ve edited the 1st post to include it)

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First post updated with these scripts:

Hi, I recently released a collection of scripts for taking incremental snapshots and then opening it up in Aseprite as a time lapse Record for Aseprite by sprngr

Hopefully people can find some use from it.


Hey, thank you very much @sprngr, and also welcome to Aseprite forums!! :smiley:
I’ve just added it to the first post!


I got a problem with the Export Koala script and I do not know what happens. I was trying to export a sample pic (4 colors, c64 palette, 160x100 pixels) to Koala format but got the following error message:

Can anybody help me with that? Am I doing something wrong?
How can I get a koala pic out of Aseprite?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @hohlinger, you are referring to the export script from GitHub - Viza74/c64helperscriptsforaseprite: C64 helpers scripts for aseprite , aren’t you?

I fear that don’t know what could cause the problem (maybe you are using a different version of Aseprite for that script that the one it was written for?), but you probably should report the bug in the repository issues so the original author can know it exists (and maybe fix it): Issues · Viza74/c64helperscriptsforaseprite · GitHub