Aseprite Showcase

We want to include a curated Showcase section in the website (Aseprite - Showcase) with some success stories in the gamedev industry, the animation industry, the music video production industry, or anything you have used Aseprite for and made you proud of :hugs:

You can send your works at (do not reply to this post). Depending on each case, we might include a link to the game with a screenshot, or write an article. Please include some answers to these questions in the email:

  • Your Team: Tell us about you and your team (when and why you start working on art/gamedev, how old you are, what kind of projects you do, what do you expect to do in the future or what are you creating, etc.)
  • Your Story: Tell us about your game project, animation/short movie, music video, etc. (when your started, when you launched, how much work you dedicate to it, etc.)
  • Your Process: Tell us how Aseprite was useful in the project (e.g. what features where useful to solve your problems and your workflow, what other tools you have used to create your project and how you use Aseprite with those tools, etc.)
  • Images: Include links to screenshots, concept art, artwork about your project, studio, team, or workflow that we could upload in our website to write an article about your game

And remember to send this information to, do not reply to this post with your project, anyway you can ask questions in this thread :video_game:

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