Aseprite, the ultimate software

Hi everyone,

I won’t exagerate when saying that Aseprite is the best software I have ever used. No software, ever, has understood so well what it is meant to do, what its users need and how its users approach and use it. The genius of it goes far beyond pixel art. Since I discovered it, I use it even for laying out ideas, scribbling, editing PNGs in general, and even my kids play around with it for hours, making gifs etc.
I think every field should have its “Aseprite”. If it is in audio, video editing, writing, gaming and what not.
So in that sense, if Aseprite continues to grow, adding audio features and video exporting will make from it a monstrous ultimate software.

Thanks to all Aseprite developers for your work.


Thanks for your kind words @twtw :heart: audio and video would be great features to incorporate in the future. I think lamptysprites were working in some experiments using audio with extensions, but we’d like to integrate something in the future.