Aseprite Thumbnails Stopped Working

I use the extension to show Aseprite file thumbnails in my file explorer on Windows 10. It was working fine before but now it’s not showing the thumbnails for new files, i.e. thumbnails show for older files but not for newer .aseprite files. It just shows the Aseprite icon for the newer .aseprite files.

I’m not sure when exactly I started happening but if I had to guess it’s probably been happening for about a week?

I tried reinstalling the extension and reinstaling Aseprite. But the thumbnails for my newer files are still broken.

Anyone else experiencing something similar or know a fix? Thank you!

Ok, I managed to fix it.

I used Disk Cleanup feature on my C: Drive and made sure Thumbnails were cleaned. This broke all of the .aseprite thumbnails.

Then I reinstalled the Aseprite Thumbnails for Windows extension which fixed all the existing .aseprite thumbnails.

Now when I make a new .aseprite file the thumbnail for it works as well.

Not sure what caused the thumbnails to start breaking in the first place but hopefully this helps anyone facing similar issues.


Came here to just note that this bug is persistent and I have to keep repeating the process described above to fix it every time :sweat_smile: I really don’t know what is causing it

If anyone has suggestions or similar experience, it would be helpful to hear!