Aseprite Timelapse by different artists


Sometimes I find some great timelapses from really talented artists on YouTube where I can check how they use the program in different ways.

Here some amazing sprites by the The Iron Oath devs:

Share your work! :heart:

Aseprite Layout: Timeline to the right?

Other examples by


By Hanu Shu Shu



Here’s some timelapse I’ve made in general to pixel dailies

I hope you enjoy


A timelapse of mine for my next game.
Master System palette.



I like the second video “Pixel Art Timelapse: Necromancer Cast Animation”.

Can someone explain me, how he/she changes the drawing color.I don’t see any color selection or switching.




Actually in this case the video is a recording of a walk-through of the undo history. E.g. The whole sprite was undone and then each step reproduced with Ctrl+Y (so color changes are not color changes really, they are pencil strokes that are being redone).

I forgot to say that anyway, you can change the foreground color using Alt+color wheel.


Phenomenal work! I like this one the most, buildings and architecture seem to fascinate me most in pixel art.