Aseprite Translation Manager


I’m working on the Dutch translation for Aseprite and I was wonderingg how I will know in the future what new strings are added in an update of Aseprite (or what strings will be removed).
I wrote a program that can scan your translation INI file (any language) by comparing it with Aseprite’s en.ini file (in folder \data\strings).

Download the program and manual here to scan your own translation INI file in a very easy way and to keep it up to date with latest Aseprite version.

The program needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (which is normally installed in any modern windows version).
You can download it here if needed: Download .NET Framework 4.8 Web Installer


If the Aseprite developers think this is a usefull tool to update translation files, a link to my github can be put here GitHub - aseprite/languages: Available translations for Aseprite distributed via extensions

Thanks @pixelartgirl
I tried it and it was surely helpful to highlight what changed since my last translation update.
Totally suggested :ok_hand: