Aseprite v1.2.13

Today we’re releasing a new version with an important fix for a crash using reference layers (you should update your version), and a couple of new features:

  • Added new Edit > Paste Special options to paste the clipboard content into a new sprite or layer:
    • Edit > Paste Special > Paste As New Sprite (#1024, #1618)
    • Edit > Paste Special > Paste As New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+V) (#672)
    • Edit > Paste Special > Paste As New Reference Layer (#1748)
  • Added Layer > New… > New Layer Via Copy/Cut options to convert the selection into a new layer (Ctrl+J/Ctrl+Shift+J) (#1567)
  • Fixed crashes using Reference Layer or Import Sprite Sheet (reported via email with several .dmp files, and Steam forum, #2096, etc.)
  • macOS: Fixed showing file name extension on native file selector (#1835, thanks to @kawa-yoiko)
  • macOS: Fixed Command+Z/X/C/V/A keyboard shortcuts on native file selector (#1973, thanks to @kawa-yoiko)

How to update Aseprite?


I love the new “Paste As New Layer”!!! Thanks for this feature update and the build feels pretty stable


Is there a way to easily update the compiled version of Aseprite, or do I need to completely re-compile it?

You have to recompile it (maybe not the whole process, e.g. Skia is not updated on every version, and you can just update your Git clone of Aseprite and see if the ninja command works).

I love the new paste specials, thank you for the update! :smiley:

Also, is there any news about “MoveMask” working from scripts? I suppose it was harder to fix than it appeared at first time ^_^U

You are the best! Ánimoo! :smiley:

P.S.(For non-Spanish speakers): “ánimo” doesn’t translate well to English, but it means something similar to “hang in there”.

I wasn’t able to even see the MoveMask command yet :cry: It will take some time because the MoveMask command is related to the interactive part of the editor, so we should split the command into two parts: the non-UI part and the UI/editor part (it requires some internal rearrangement of code).


No problem man! Thank you very much for your work and for this great software! ^^

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I got the 1.2.13-1 build from humble and it seemed to install fine on my linux mint 19 but the application doesn’t load. Reinstalling didn’t fix the problem, I’ve had to uninstall and revert to Are there logs or anything that would be helpful to you?

@Danny you could try to execute the application from a terminal and see the output it prints. For example, you could try to open the Linux Mint terminal, and run the aseprite (or /usr/bin/aseprite) command (it should print the error in the console, maybe a library is missing, etc.).

How long till the tile tool is ready, and will it be able to export tile maps to Unity?

@dacap sorry, i guess i’d downloaded the 32bit version by mistake this time and didn’t have all the dependencies

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There is no ETA yet, and not sure what file formats will be supported in the first version (maybe something compatible with Tiled)

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I use tiled so that would be cool.

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Could someone make a video about how to download the new version? XD thanks :v