Aseprite v1.2.21

Hi asepriters! This is a month of releases :sweat_smile: There are several fixes in this version:

  • Added MSX1/MSX2 color palettes
  • Fixed new bug with timeline separator when its position is limited t/6107
  • Edit > Insert Text now doesn’t ignores the transparent color in indexed mode #2444
  • Fixed crash using Selection:deselect() when there is no selection t/6169
  • Fixed some crashes generating thumbnails in the file selector in some special cases

We hope to have a stable v1.2 from now on, and keep fixing bugs in this branch. New features will be in the first v1.3 beta version.

How to update Aseprite?



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Wow, can’t wait for 1.3. When will the beta be out? Is there any estimated date?

There is no ETA yet, and generally I break all estimates :sweat_smile:


Yes, Cant wait :slight_smile:

man! once you have all those tilemap features Aseprite will be practiacally unstopable.

Keep up the good work!

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hi david i’ m happy to know that asesprite v 1.2.21 is finally out. I wanted to ask you how can i download the new version when i downloaded it directly from the asesprite website?
thanks, Shini

Hi @uwu_shini , there is always a link in the first post of each update with instructions on how to update Aseprite :slight_smile:
Here you go: Aseprite - Faq