Aseprite v1.2.23

Hi asepriters! A new minor release today with several fixes, more stability for v1.2 :partying_face: (:crossed_fingers:)

  • Added more options for brush preview t/6427
  • Added option to rescan the scripts folder (reloading File > Scripts menu) t/6170
  • Support to save .bmp files with 1bpp and 4bpp #2472 t/3892 (thanks to @MacSpain)
  • Fixed cycling through palette indexes when Edit Mode is on (Alt+mouse wheel, 0/9, [/]) t/6500
  • Fixed Preview playback of current tag when new frames are added t/6486
  • Fixed right and bottom auto cel guides when Ctrl (Command) key is pressed
  • Windows: Fixed some crashes getting information from buggy Wintab drivers (thanks to @Gnumaru)
  • CLI: Fixed opening sequences of images several times from CLI #2128
  • Lua: Changed ColorSpace{ sRGB=true } and Dialog:newrow{ always=true } (changes)
  • Lua: Fixed Dialog onclose event, now it’s called when we close the app and the dialog is still opened #28
  • Lua: Fixed crash undoing Sprite:newCel() in background layer
  • Lua: Added ui and bounds parameters to app.command.CanvasSize (t/4319)
  • Lua: Fixed app.command.SetInkType to change ink type in customized ways (e.g. cycle them) t/6532
  • Fixed crash modifying cel opacity after a cel is deleted
  • Fixed crash clicking multiple times the same tab to close it without moving the mouse #2467
  • Aseprite v1.2.23:
    • Fixed regressions adding/deleting frames when there are tags in the sprite

How to update Aseprite?


Thank you. Good work! :v:

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Thanks @KashouC! Anyway it looks like there are a couple of new terrible bugs :sob: preparing v1.2.23 …

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can we compile this?

:star_struck: <( I really like that " Preview Eraser Effect on Preview Window" feature! And thank you for constantly tackling bugs, David!)

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Hello, I do not understand very well, is it an update 1.2.22 but also appears 1.2.23?

Fixed the title, I’ve released v1.2.22 but then right after that v1.2.23 with a little patch. Same info (but more visible) in the release notes.