Aseprite v1.2.25

Hi there everybody! Minor tiny release with bug fixes (last version in v1.2 series? :sweat_smile: )

Aseprite v1.2.25

  • Fixed copying images from Firefox (red/blue channels swapped) #2488
  • Fixed CLI export of groups metadata when a layer group is collapsed #2484

Aseprite v1.2.24

  • Windows: Fixed copy & paste of 32-bpp images with alpha channel from/to other programs (bug report)
  • macOS: Probable fix to black rectangles in some cases updating the display (old fix was through an internal option)
  • Fixed problem starting playing animation on Preview window automatically #2481
  • Fixed “Replace current pallete” option #2480

How to update Aseprite?


Thank you.

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last version

Don’t jinx it. :scream:

Good work. :v:


“Last,” huh? Hint as to 1.3 being on its way…? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Well take your time, really appreciate all the hard work you put in. I literally use Aseprite every single day for work and play. Looking forward to future updates!

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Appreciate all the fixes, David :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody for the kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re very right in that one :smile: Next Monday we’ll have v1.2.25. Meanwhile I have to remember to never say again “last version” :sweat_smile:


I went on my humble bundle to update but it said I havent “claimed my purchase”, then I clicked to claim(that didnt seem to do anything) but later on I went to humble bundle again and it said my purchase was claimed… but now I get the option in my library to download or install even though I already installed the program? Im a little confused

Hi @Fizzybubble! A Humble Bundle purchase is related to a personal link to download Aseprite, you can claim that link (or not), when it’s claimed the purchase is associated with your Humble Bundle account, in that way you can access to the latest version of Aseprite from your Humble Bundle Library directly (without even using the link). In both cases it’s the same (getting Aseprite from the link or from your Humble Bundle library).

any mind-blowing new feature coming?

Thanks David!

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I’m pretty sure there’s a bug that makes Aseprite think that a file is read only I’m trying to save a file but its not working saying its read only

Hi @Existhuman, what platform are you using? (Windows, macOS, Linux?) Can you check the properties of the file or if you are running Aseprite with the same user than the file owner (e.g. if the file is owned by an Administrator and Aseprite is running as a regular user, you might not have access to write the file owned by the Admin.)

I mean theres no update option in my humble bundle just to get download or install link?

If you associate your personal link with your Humble Bundle account, you will be able to find Aseprite in your Humble Bundle library.

sooo… im supposed to reinstall it?

Yes, at the moment the only automatic update option we offer is through Steam (you can get a Steam key from your download link too).

Hello, I think that every time you download a new version of Aseprite it is necessary to install everything you had in the previous one.
I mean themes, translations, effects etc …

Hhmm that shouldn’t be in that way for the installed version (non-portable version), because the extensions and the aseprite.ini are installed in the user folder. But there might be a new bug that we are not aware of :thinking:

Ah, ok, I only use the portable version so I can’t say anything about the installable version.

Ok, in case you want to use the portable version as the installed one (i.e. saving your preferences in your user folder AppData just removing the aseprite.ini file will make the Aseprite.exe behave like it’s installed (so it will save/load preferences from the AppData folder).

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