Aseprite v1.2.30 Visual glitch, moving pixels

Hello Aseprite community,

I’ve ran into a visual problem when moving my mouse. A certain area around the curser seems to shift a few pixels.
As seen in this video: Screen Recording 2021 - YouTube
I have tried making new files, but to no avail. Every tool causes this effect. I am using a Macbook pro m1.
Is this a known problem? Thanks in advance,


Someone else was having a similar issue a few days ago but they deleted their post and didn’t post any solution.
They created a github issue (again closed without providing a solution) but maybe you could ask them there.

This issue is macOS-specific, related to:

It’ll be fixed in the next version (to be releasesd next week).

Thank you very very much David! :smiley:

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