Aseprite v1.2.8

  • The button to apply effects to the whole sprite is back
  • Added support to load/save animated .webp files (#273)
  • Added current color indicator with new color side to side on color editor (#1696)
  • Improved general performance drawing color selector/color wheel (#1516, #1695)
  • Improved general performance in animation playback
  • Fixed loading of tool names/tooltips when another translation is selected
  • Fixed order of cels when they are copied between files
  • Fixed bug with RGBA target buttons (#1698, #1695)
  • Windows: Fixed recent folder items using the native file dialog (t/1155)
  • Windows: Fixed installing extensions from .zip files and the current user has an Unicode character in its name
  • Windows: Fixed bug pasting screenshots on Windows Vista (#1687)
  • Changes for translators in en.ini file

The function of automatic saving with which backup files are kept without being deleted is not enabled, right ?.

La función del guardado automático con la que se conservan los archivos backup sin ser borrados no está habilitada ¿verdad?.

It’s not done yet, I’ll prepare something for the first v1.3-beta because it’s a change that could introduce several new issues.