Aseprite v1.3.5

Hi Asepriters! Today we are releasing a minor Aseprite v1.3.5 version with some important bug fixes.

  • Drop selection when we hide a layer, should fix some issues moving hidden layers #4179 #3254
  • Fixed slice tool when used in tilemap layers and Manual mode #4290
  • Fixed crash exporting one frame animation of a ping-pong tag #4336
  • Steam: New -noinapp option for Steam version to avoid showing that we’re “in game” #4314
  • Windows: Remove verbosity in Aseprite description #4333
  • Write smaller palettes in .aseprite if possible #4322
  • Fixed crashes using some broken themes #4015
  • Fixed several crashes when there is no more enough memory #4316

How to update Aseprite