Aseprite v1.3.7

Hi asepriters! We are releasing a minor Aseprite v1.3.7 version with important fixes:

  • Allow backslash (\) in filenames on Linux and macOS #3936
  • Fixed nested ping-pong tags #4271
  • Fixed wrong alignment between mouse and sensor threshold position #4428
  • Fixed painting with right-click with custom brush paints with background color #4013
  • macOS: Fixed memory leak copying & pasting images (probably #4251)
  • Lua API:
    • New app.os object
    • Added recent parameter to SaveFile/ExportSpriteSheet commands to avoid adding the file to the list of recent files
    • Disable progress bar in commands that can receive ui=false #4165
    • Fixed bugs handling errors inside app.transaction() #3276 #4431
    • Fixed return values of os.execute()
    • Ask permissions for io.popen()/lines()/input()/output() functions

There is no beta version available yet, but soon we’ll try to release new features there.

How to update Aseprite?


Hi. With this update you seemed to also have removed the beta branch on steam which allowed me to use an earlier 1.3 version. I was using that branch because the level editor I use has a bug (fixed in the next version, but that’s not out yet) which prevented it from reading aseprite files post version 1.3.5. I have a deadline due tomorrow so I really really need that version to be available again. I believe it was 1.3.4, but I don’t quite remember.

Hi @xThuby, sorry about this. Contact me at, I think the version was v1.3.2 but I can send you v1.3.4 which will work for you too.

Thank you so much! I’ve just sent you an email.

How do i update aseprite?

Hi guys!

It’s possible export automatically all “hidden” tilemap layers?

Created using the path Sprite>;sprite properties>Tilesets,

Normally the layers are stored under the dialog box Layer properties > Tileset, and to export I need chosse one by one, turning on the visibility.

Video of the feature, in the time 0:47