Aseprite v1.3-beta1

I’ve been using it for commercial work since release, pretty much every day - so far so good (touching wood)

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Do I report the bugs here or in the bug section for beta1.3 ?

one problem is the skew the left right direction ok but up down seem get confuse as the GIF show :

2021-05-31 20-36-28

Amazing update! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: I have been messing with it for the past few days. For now I used your tileset export script and just commented out the JSON writing part as I don’t need that for the moment.

The detached preview window is a HUGE upgrade as I can now preview my animation on my CRT :smiley:

I have a question though – I accidentally created some tilemap layers with “new tileset” instead of my existing one, then deleted the layers. Those empty tilesets still exist because I see them being exported with the script and they are listed as tilesets to associate with new tilemap layers. Is there a way to delete these orphaned tilesets yet, or it’s just not exposed to the UI yet?

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this is not a new bug, it happens when you rotate things too, is just that the preview on the transformation gets confused

I think its a bug, you can’t make same result if you put a square. try do one for skewing right and left(H),
and one for up and down (V).
you can’t match it. other software can. and I think because is missing the vertical for skewing.
that’s why doing skewing in horizontal seem fine but in Vertical not.

this will be more readable specially the missing skew “V” or “Y”.

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There is no UI to manager tilesets, anyway I guess that these kind of tilesets that are not associated with tilemaps should be removed automatically. Taking note about these two issues (anyway the tileset management is planned).

Yes, we’ve used Rotation angle and Horizontal skew angle, but the fields are too confusing to handle a vertical skewing manually/by text fields. So we’ll try to add the vertical skew angle too in the fields.


Today we’ve released Aseprite v1.3-beta2 which should have this octree with alpha thanks to @Gasparoken. From now on we’ll use the octree quantization by default.


YAY, great job guys were can i see the chancelog of 1.3beta2?


Ethan, only click on the link above, in the Dacap’s comment :wink: .
Tnx guys! Nice work.

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hey tool part is being butechred

i alredy tested other themes

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Where is this beta placed on github? :slight_smile: I’d like to tweak it a bit, but can’t find the branch for it.

Hi there @Kruell, the beta version 1.3 is still not available on GitHub but we’ll publish it after some weeks.

Is the global user data accessible from a lua script?

Hi @Zander8, you can access to the sprite data with (this is the string field) or sprite.color for the color.

Where is beta branch on github?

It isn’t on Github and will not be until it’s out of beta, I think.

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Oh, why is it so? Any Ideas?

We’ll publish the beta branch in a near future. It’s still private.