Aseprite v1.3-rc2

Hey there! :wave: Today we’ve published the second release candidate v1.3-rc2 with the final fixes for a v1.3 to replace v1.2.40 and avoid as many surprises as possible (as we know that switching from v1.2.40 to v1.3 might bring some problems).

A list of changes in this v1.3-rc2:

  • Play subtags + repeats by default. Now playback options are accessible through Frame > Playback submenu
  • Added pixel-art Cyrillic script and Maltenese Unicode chars #3699 t/4078 t/1851
  • Added ability to press a mnemonic key (e.g. Y or N) without modifiers in alerts
  • Added frame duration warnings saving animated GIF files #1504
  • Allow recovering sessions from previous Aseprite versions #3727
  • Fixed regression pasting images outside the canvas limits #3725
  • Fixed rotation inaccuracy with 90°, 180° or 270° degrees #3041
  • Fixed 8 Connected Fill escapes grid with “Stop At Grid” checked #3564
  • Now New Palette from Sprite creates colors when alpha is less than 16 #3715
  • Removed the marching ants effect from Timeline after paste t/3941 t/5038 t/17281
  • Fixed avoid changing grid settings from Edit > Preferences if they aren’t modified #3479
  • Fixed grid misalignment when zooming out #3638 t/16566
  • Fixed a rendering bug using Loop through tag frames option in Onion Skin #3739
  • Fixed crash right-clicking play button if the preview window is hidden
  • CLI: Fixed bug saving tags in file sequences using -save-as "{tag}_1.png" t/17253
  • Lua: New Plugin:newMenuGroup() and Plugin:newMenuSeparator() to organize plugin submenus #3731
  • Lua: Added KeyEvent.repeatCount api#95
  • Lua: New opacity/blend mode parameters in Image:drawImage()
  • Lua: More changes
  • Several other crash fixes and minor UI issues

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Really glad to hear the rotation inaccuracy is fixed now, fantastic work!