Aseprite v1.3 released!

Welcome Asepriters! Today we are finally releasing Aseprite v1.3 as the stable version replacing the previous v1.2.40. It is already live on Steam and all our platforms. (Note: not yet on Humble Bundle because they are some issues uploading new files.)

If you were already using v1.3 beta or a release candidate, you can check out the release notes just to check the latest fixes/features. If you came from v1.2, we recommend you to check out the new features in this post.

What’s new

The main new feature on Aseprite v1.3 are tilemap layers:

A summary of other minor features you can find in v1.3 from v1.2:

Changes from v1.2

Here’s a list of small changes where you will find a difference from v1.2.40:

  • New “Convert To” menu to group old “Background from Layer” and “Layer from Background” options:

  • File > Export is now a submenu and the option is File > Export > Export As…

  • File > Import Sprite Sheet is in File > Import > Import Sprite Sheet

  • Native file dialog on Windows and macOS, you can go back with Edit > Preferences > General > Show Aseprite file dialog

Do you want to go back to v1.2.40?

If you are on Steam you will be updated to v1.3 automatically, but in case you need to go back to v1.2.40, you can do so right-clicking Aseprite on Steam > Properties > Betas > Beta Participation = v1.2.40:


Congrats with the release. I work mainly on 1.2.40 when I do commissions it’s stable and have 99% of what I need in my day to day work. Nevertheless from time to time I check new 1.3 betas and now it is the release. The one of the things I check in new version is custom brush menu. It is a old bug with a UI scaling and scrolling and unfortunately it is still here. BTW do you planing to make this menu more user friendly, probably similar to PS, with possibility to edit and tune brush inside of the menu? It will be great. Nevertheless great job, still enjoing your product almost every day. Highly recomend Aseprite to all my friends who do PA. Have a great one!

Hi @pakowacz, we have plans to redesign that popup but we wanted to finally move on from v1.2.40 (as it still had a lot of already fixed bugs in v1.3 and a lot of users on Steam). This week we’re going to check if some users are getting more priority bugs in the migration process and then continue implementing new features again in the following weeks (in a more periodical way too).


That’s great news, grats on getting it done!

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I was using the beta version for a few months but now that it’s updated I noticed that it’s very laggy when I try to use the brush, even when drawing on a very small canvas (18x18). A member of the aseprite discord also has the same issue :c
Is there any way to fix this? thank you sm in advance! :heart:

Hi @Skii_Ryu, could you please try the Edit > Preferences > Tablet > Wintab option?

It didn’t work :c

Just in case, could you try changing the Edit > Preferences > Cursors = Simple Crosshair option?

Tried this too, but didn’t work

This is an amazing update thx

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are there more patches update for bug in the future???, im waiting for the humble bundle one it not release the 1.3 yet​:sob::disappointed:

wait is that 1.3 r9 update have the 1.3 release update yet, i dont realize it. i have bought the humble bundle one yesterday

Sorry for this, we contacted Humble Bundle team but didn’t receive an answer yet. Anyway v1.3-rc9 is pretty close to the last v1.3, you can safely use it, and when v1.3 is available re-install Aseprite.

oh im using linux mint for using the software, so i need to reinstall it or update it via software. i don’t have clue about how to upgrade

Great update, the new option to export only the selected area is something i was in dire need of! Speaking of selection, despite being a great update i’m reverting to 1.2.40 after my initial tests for now, since some tools (specially the selection tools) seem a bit less responsive or laggy. I’m sure this will be fixed in due time but it really hinders my workflow. i’m sure that will be fixed, keep up the good work!

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We’ve just release Aseprite v1.3.1 which should fix the lag issues and probably those problems with the selection tools.

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