Aseprite window flickering when unfocused

With or without custom theme, whenever i tab out of the program or it gets unfocused for some reason (like the file explorer opening for example) the whole fullscreen (or windowed) Aseprite window starts flickering to a completely white screen on and off repeatedly very quickly.

It happens every time when doing so, which is alot since I’m working with 2 monitors and I keep tabbing between them. The flickering does become irritating and an eyestrain very quickly, especially while working during the night or in a dark room.

Am using the newset version of Aseprite on Steam with no scripts enabled.

What operating system are you using? Do you know what graphics card you have, or if you have a laptop what brand and model is it? And are you streaming any video over Discord or otherwise while it happens? Are you running any other programs?

am using Win10 Pro, got a RTX 2070s and am sometimes streaming myelf working with Aseprite on Discord, is there perhaps a compatibility issue?

No idea, could you somehow show us the issue?