Asepritely - A Growing Library of My Scripts


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I’ve been writing scripts for Aseprite pretty much since the feature was introduced, but they were mostly just experiments, or stuff with real specific uses. As time has gone on, I’ve used a couple a lot, and decided I should start sharing them. Right now, there’s just one, as I have to go and format the code (and heavily comment it so others can learn from it!) and ensure there’s not too many bugs.

Here’s a GIF of the Foreground RGB Helper that makes up the first entry into the Library!

The README has a nice breakdown of what the library is about, with more information and resources for the curious and interested.

Thanks for Checking Out My Work!

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  • iivii

I have a question. Why the need for this particular script in your example? What is it doing that’s any different from what Aseprite already does very easily?

You know you can just click on any Fore/background color and open up the color window, wherein, by the default RGB tab, you can see the RGB values listed clear as day on the right… What exactly is your script doing that’s any different from this?


I needed a way to view the RGB values quicker for using them in an outside application. It is just one thing I’ve made out of many though, and I’m adding more scripts to this.

Essentially, clicking that little window open every time was annoying me enough to create a better solution for myself, which is usually the reason I make scripts in any language.