Asesprite doesn't show up in OpenWith in v1.2.27 portable

(only tested in portable version)
Don’t know if this issue has been addressed in the 1.3 Beta but i’ve already found the solution for the problem and i’d just like to share as it’s an extremely simple fix:

Just add Igara Studio S.A. as “Company name” for the .exe file in the Version Info, Windows doesn’t display programs as favoured OpenWith options if they don’t have that field as it doesn’t create a corresponding registry entry.

(if anyone else can’t wait for a patch for this you can do the fix with Resource Hacker, just make sure it matches the formatting, check another .exe file for reference)

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll add the field for v1.2.28

Juse in case @Bordissed, what was the exact problem when the “Company name” is missing from the .exe? How could I reproduce your problem?

Say you want to open a .png file with aseprite to perform a quick edit, but the default program is an image viewer. If you right-click to open with aseprite, you’d have to open the “specify another program to open this file with” menu and then select Aseprite from the list.
Normally windows saves a list of programs to display on the “open with” quick access (as it does with photoshop for example), but if the program has no company name defined windows won’t allow this.

It’s a small thing but it’s one of those workflow things that really piles up. The fix i discovered often gets wiped by microsoft updates (since its a manual edit to the registry) so it would only be temporary.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation @Bordissed, we’ll include the company information field to solve this issue :+1: