Atari 8-bit palette is still missing in Aseprite :(

Hiya folks!
I bought Aseprite in 2019 year. It’s so nice and well designed pixel-art editor! :slight_smile:
I like almost everything there. :slight_smile: I came from Atari 8-bit demoscene so I’d expect
Aseprite will support at least color palette from Atari 8-bit (XL/XE series not 2600). It
is still absent. :frowning:
Is it possible?

Just in case I included one real and reliable Atari palette that should be put in Aseprite for sure:
Atari 8-bit pallette
So what I definitely ask is putting that pallette among others in Aseprite default folder when installing.
Let me know if it makes sense, ok? :thinking: