Audio Track in Aseprite

I’ve been using Aseprite for about a year now, and it’s a wonderful software for creating small-scale animations, as well as large-scale art. Not to mention its extremely affordable price. However, as I get more and more into animation I realized that I could get so much more done, if there were an audio channel right above the animation channels. That way, I can make fluid, timed movements to pre-made audio. I’m sure the addition of this would bring a lot more people to Aseprite, and it would significantly help me and many others.
Thank You.


Related to issue #70 some day I’d like to add support for audio tracks (just to sync animation + audio and in a future to export mp4 files)


Thank you for your response, I can’t wait to see where this software is heading!


the audio track for synching animation with audio is the only missing feature

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Any progress?


Hope this is still being worked on! It’s quite difficult syncing animation up with audio when it’s separate.

Still a wanted feature. Hope to see this feature soon :slight_smile:

yeah! we need that!

4 years now. And still no audio feature. I wanna make a pixel animation tho.