Auto-Delete SteamEmu Folder

I’m working on a game in Unity and it always annoys me that Aseprite generates a folder called SteamEmu when i do a quick modification on a sprite. This inevitably causes a problem later when i’m committing stuff to SVN and notice a bunch of garbage that was generated by aseprite that i didn’t notice.

Is there some reason that Aseprite can’t clean up its own mess after a file is closed? Would be nice if there was an option to force it to clean up this stuff, or just not generate it in the first place

I imagine SVN can ignore a directory much like .gitignore, so why don’t you just make it ignore the SteamEmu folder if it’s not needed in your project?

I guess the point i’m trying to make is, if this folder (and the files in it) are not necessary and not needed (since i can access a sprite without those things present) then why don’t we just have an option to get rid of them?

I don’t want garbage files cluttering up my unity project, and by extension, any other folder where i happen to do spriting.

I have no idea what the SteamEmu folder is, who is creating that folder, or why it’s being created. Aseprite doesn’t create such folder, but I suspect that Steam might be the one creating the folder. Are you running Aseprite from Steam, can you try to launch Aseprite without Steam just to check if the folder is created?